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Do you have Time-delay safes? Secure and only possible to open after a pre-set time, these safes will keep any cash not in the till, or not yet banked, safe from all but the most determined offenders.
Liamsan's Cash in Transit

Businesses have always been targets for crime. Safe working practices and effective security measures will reduce the opportunity for criminal activity.

Crime Prevention is the Recognition and Appraisal of a Crime Risk and then taking the necessary steps to remove or reduce the risks.

Your safety and that of your employees and customers must be paramount to your business.

Liamsans Security Solutions has extensive experience and the logistical support to provide you and your business safe and secure cash in transit services. We currently provide these services throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Area with varied services, individually tailored to suit our valued clients needs.

These Services include:

  • Banking Services
  • Cash Collection & Delivery Escorts
  • Valuables Escort (Gold Bullion, Jewelry etc.)
  • Change Supply in Notes & Coins
  • Cash Counting & Processing

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