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Are your boundary walls, fences and gates inspected regularly to make sure that they have not been damaged, and that their security capacity has not been compromised?
Liamsan's Static Guards

Liamsans Security Solutions can provide Static Guards for either Commercial or Domestic security situations. Our guards wear a very distinctive uniform for general duties however civilian attire (plain clothes) can be requested depending on the nature of duties required for example covert surveillance.

Depending on the operational requirements, Liamsans guards can be either Armed or Unarmed. All armed guards are 100% accredited, qualified and licensed in accordance with the SA Firearms Branch.

Guards can also be deployed permanently or for short, temporary periods of time.

Liamsans Security Solutions currently provides a number of guards to businesses throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Area with varied services, individually tailored to suit our valued clients needs.

Some of these duties include:

  • Building or Site Reception Areas
  • Industrial Gate Duties
  • Commercial Site Patrols
  • Construction Sites

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